Any smart company in our business knows its all about the drivers. We are always looking for new truck drivers to join our constantly growing business. Our dispatchers and staff treat our Owner Operators like the business owners they are. Whether you prefer local pier work, regional deliveries, or over the road moves, we have it all. To fill out an application click the link below or give us a call with any questions or concerns! We have one of our experienced staff members available 24/7/365! You can find contact info for each of our terminals by visiting the terminal page above. 


  • Confidence in Trucking

    We use our in-depth experience and the latest technologies to match the needs of shippers and importers with the right dispatcher and truck. Our senior dispatchers have been together for 10+ years so the chemistry we have developed is invaluable. We have a diverse group of drivers to handle local moves near the port, regional work, or over the road shipments needing to move anywhere in the country. 


  • Technology  

    We leverage the latest equiplment, tools and technologies to transport your goods in the most efficient and
    cost-effective manner.  World Logistics works with the best chassis manufacturers and providers in the nation and now have over 400 of our own chassis to avoid the delays at the depots. We have the latest ELD and Dashcam technology to put your freight and our drivers in the best position possibe. Geofencing and real time equipment tracking allows us to keep a close on eye all of our freight on the road. That’s the power of logistics.






Please feel free to give us a call with ANY questions you may have @ 973-844-6099

Rates (super competitive) - Bonuses (unbeatable) - Consistent Work (Never a forced day off) 

Loans (we will work with you however we can)

Cant hurt to call. Tell us what we can do better than the competition!



World Logistics Expansion

While our company runs under the company name and Interchange World Logistics USA Inc. in the Newark NJ and Philadelphia PA ports (SCAC: WUSA, MC: 365777, DOT: 823590), we expanded into the South under the name Mercury Transportation (SCAC: MRNQ, MC: 520352, DOT: 1356546). We are CTPAT certified and both MC's are bonded carriers. 

Mercury Trans. has terminals operating in Savannahh, GA - Charleston, SC - Jacksonville, FL - Tampa, FL. These terminals are supported daily through our corporate office in Allentown, NJ. 

We also acquired a growing rail company called Elite Transportation that operates out of Newark, NJ and handles shipments from all the rail facilities in North Jersey (CSX, Norfolk Southern, E-Rail, etc..)

Reliable. On Time. Every time. 

Logistics is the backbone of the world’s economy. Businesses of all sizes all around the world rely on steady, predictable, and dependable shipping providers to bring their goods to market. Unfortunately, not all carriers are equipped or prepared to meet your shipping needs without fail. But we are.


Customer-First Mentality

Our success depends on the success of the companies we serve, which is why we take a customer-first approach to everything we do.  Our sales and support staff will do everything in their power to meet your exact shipping needs while looking for opportunities to reduce costs, minimize overhead, and streamline the freight delivery process. With us as your logistics provider, you can focus your time and energy on more important aspects of running your business other than shipping.

Local, Regional, Over the road, Transloading

From dry goods to perishables, no shipment is too big, too small, or too complex for us. And thanks to reliability and dependability of the drivers we contract with, you can rest assured that your freight will arrive on time and without damage. Request your free online freight quote or call us today to discuss your freight hauling needs and to learn how we can get your shipment where it needs to go.

Online Freight Quote 

Our online freight quote tool makes it quick and easy to source all of your shipping needs. Fill out our online submission form and we’ll provide you with a guaranteed truck quote for your immediate review and approval. Unlike some other trucking companies, our online form allows you to provide exact shipment details so you can receive the most accurate quote. No surprises. No games. No gimmicks. Just an honest quote you can trust.

Supply Chain Management 

From point of origin to point of consumption, we make it fast, easy, and affordable to bring your goods to market. Routing, scheduling, and delivery are our specialties, and we promise to find the most cost-effective means to get your freight where it needs to go, on time. Whether you’re looking for a new dedicated regional fleet or want to add an additional carrier for overflow work, we are there to meet any and all needs. We work with all the Steamship Lines, facilities and Chassis providers in the UIIA. 

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